Hydra-Marine 24hr Cream

The first beautifying moisturiser that perfectly combines effective and sensorial skin and 100% of women were won over with its positive effects! * Essential to provide your skin with 24 hour hydration** while infusing it with new, perfect radiance. Its luxurious and rich texture gives the skin a velvety feel, with a light fragrance of tea and white flowers. *Self-assessment by a panel of 16 people, agaed 26-54, over 28 days. **Effectiveness test conducted with 10 volunteers. Average score after 24 hours: 21.7%

The skin remains hydrated for 24 hours. The face is full of freshness and regains its softness and supple feel. The complexion becomes luminous and radiant. Skin fully hydrated*: 100% Radiant complexion*: 100% *Self-assessment on a enl of 16 people, 2654, during 28 days

Apply every morning to clean skin, all over the face and neck. Finish with stimulating tapping movements over the skin from the bottom to the top of the face. For maximum results; apply HydraMarine Serum underneath HydraMarine 24h Cream.

Seve Bleue – marine spring water drawn from the heart of the oceans, rich in trace elements and mineral salts

AUD 111.50 – 50ml


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